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Around The Internets - 09/21/10

Here's a quick look around the internets for some Villanova action on what is surely going to be a slow-as-ever Tuesday. Unless you're invested in the North London Derby. Then you're probably pretty fired up for Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal at 2:45 p.m. ET. COYS!!!

Without further adieu...

Fact on Villanova Sports
Fact takes a look at whether this year's Villanova defense is better than the 2009 version.

Delaware Online
Villanova remained #1 in the FCS Polls this week, while top-rivals Deleware slid into the Top 10.

The Missoulian
What the hell happened to Montana football?

Main Line Media News
Bruce Adams and Mike Beirne debate whether Villanova football can succeed in the the BIG EAST.

Philadelphia Inquirer
Ben Ijalana is all over the NFL Draft's radar -- I'm just in shock this mammoth actually played soccer growing up.

Bleacher Report
Bennett Snyder thinks Villanova is the best team in the Big 5 -- while letting us know that the St. Joseph's Hawks "don't seem to have much talent this year." Laughter.

Andy Talley was sick to his stomach while recruiting Angelo Babbaro -- but he's plenty happy with what's he's brought to the program.