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preGame: #1 Villanova vs. #24 Penn

This Saturday night, The #1 ranked Villanova Wildcats will host the 24th-ranked Penn Quakers in a city rivalry that dates back 105 years. Continuing with my laziness in football previews (hey, we're winning aren't we?), here's what you need to know about this game:

We have not lost to these nerds in 99 years. For the love of all that is good and holy, beat them.

As usual there is a strong contingent of Villanova bloggers who do a much better job than me at previewing the game.

Fact on Villanova Sports
The Fact crew lets us know that the longer we let these guys hang around, the more likely the unthinkable upset is. Bury them early.

Brian Ewart gives us a very comprehensive preview, and let's us know Penn isn't the pushover this series history indicates. They are on a 9-game winning streak after all.

Soft Pretzel Logic
Jonathan Tannenwald previews the All-Philly game this weekend.

And once again, Villanova will not be available on TV. So that means get your asses out to Villanova Stadium and FILL THE HOUSE AGAIN!

Okay, I'm done now. Anyone got any other thoughts?