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Villanova Basketball Bans Twitter Use

Nothing official on this yet but both VUHoops and Crossing Broad have picked up the story on the apparentment banishment of Twitter from the Villanova basketball program.

The below is a tweet from walk-on Dallas Ouano, and apparently both Jayvaughn Pinkston and Dominic Cheek have provided similar farewells on Friday.

Goodbye Twitter, see you in April.

I get this on principle -- after last season's late meltdown, I would want as little distractions as possible, and it's hard to argue that having a big Twitter presence is (seriously, it's addicting) is going to help the players this season.

But I'm selfish. Dom Cheek makes me laugh at least twice a day and all of the other guys who are on there provide some great commentary as well.

Damnit. What a freaking grind this is going to be!