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Villanova drops to 12th in Polls

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Voters in both the Associated Press and ESPN/USA Today men's basketball polls punished the 'Cats for a brutal week with losses to Providence and Georgetown by dropping them out of the top-10. They are now ranked 12th in both.

Last week the 'Cats were ranked 8th by the AP and 7th by ESPN/USA Today.
There are eight other Big East teams ranked (7 in ESPN/USA Today) with three in the top-10. Those schools are:

  • Pittsburgh (#4 AP/#4 ESPN)
  • UConn (#6 AP / #7 ESPN)
  • Notre Dame (#9 AP / #8 ESPN)
  • Villanova (#12 AP / #12 ESPN)
  • Georgetown (#13 AP / #14 ESPN)
  • Louisville (#15 AP / #13 ESPN)
  • Syracuse (#17 AP / #17 ESPN)
  • West Virginia (#25 AP / NR ESPN)

Cincinnati, Marquette and St. Johns also received votes in the AP poll, while West Virginia and Marquette received votes in the ESPN poll.

Villanova also fell five spots in the Blog25 poll conducted by, to 11th. My ballot can be found HERE.