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ESPN GameDay Segments

To give you a Sneak Peak of what ESPN has planned for Saturday's GameDay programming, the following is planned...

  • Jay Bilas will have a live interview with Corey Fisher within the first hour of the show
  • Erin Andrews will have a live interview with Jay Wright in the second hour of the show
  • There will be a feature by Tom Rinaldi on student managers for the men’s and women’s teams who have Cerebral Palsy

From ESPN- Frank Kineavy and Nick Gaynor have more in common than being the student manager of the Villanova University men’s and women’s basketball teams, respectively. Both men were born with cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that permanently affects body movement and muscle coordination. Kineavy and Gaynor bring their infectious passion for basketball to the court and in turn, they inspire their teams.

VUhoops GameDay Coverage