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Pros and Cons: Turnovers and Taj

Sometimes it's pretty easy to see what's good and bad with a program at any point. Though there isn't much time left in the season, I plan to give you a quick post every week with a Pro and Con about this team. Hopefully there will be enough tournament teams that this feature can have a run before the season ends.

PRO: James Bell -- With Corey Stokes and his 14ppg sidelined with turf toe, Villanova was desperately in need of a big guard who could shoot. On Tuesday night Bell did just that, leading the team on the scoreboard and knocking down some difficult 3's.

CON: the point guards -- If I told you on Tuesday morning that the 'Cats would turn the ball over 20 times against Seton Hall, would you have bet money on them winning? With 12 of those turnovers split between the two point guards, Villanova will need much better play from that position in order to win big games.

What are your pros and cons this week?