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DePaul Q&A with Blue Demons Lair

After a short hiatus from the Q&A game, we return to the discussion with a few questions for the DePaul blog, Blue Demon's Lair. Jonathan was kind enough to answer my questions for me this week, and like a true Chicagoan, he was brutally honest.

I answered questions for John Templeton of Chicago College Basketball this week. Be sure to check those out as well.

1. While Marquette and Louisville joined the Big East with a bang, DePaul hasn't had the same immediate success, was it all Jerry Wainwright, or were there other factors we should know about?

Feeble-minded people produce feeble-minded results. Welcome to the DePaul athletic department. Our AD and her staff could take an opportunity like joining the Big East and turn our men's program into a below-average Horizon League team. Even saying her name upsets me, so I will refrain from doing so.

This wonderful woman extended Wainwright's contract after a run in the NIT, gave him a vote-of-confidence after going winless in the Big East, tried to force him to resign and eventually fired him. Meanwhile, she's the same dingbat that has kept her job while running the men's program into the ground.

Purnell was a good hire, but there really wasn't much choice. Frankly, I cannot wait for the day she gets fired. I will celebrate the liberation of our athletic department from her incompetent clutches.

2. DePaul has the highest percentage of rookie scoring in the Big East, is that a sign of things to come?
Our younger players are promising. Our older players are dead weight. When we get some more talent in here, and it's coming, things should improve. We've got nowhere to go but up.
3. Would your Blue Demons make the tournament this season in any other conference? If so, which one?
It's hard for me to say for sure, but I would say it's highly unlikely.
4. What should Villanova fans expect to see in terms of game-plan on Saturday?
Up-tempo and full court pressure. DePaul will miss a lot of shots and force some turnovers. This isn't a dull DePaul team to watch, just painful to cheer for...Cleveland Melvin and Brandon Young are good players, and the rest we just hope don't suck too bad. Enjoy a competitive six to seven minutes of basketball.
5. Walter Pitchford just committed to Florida after de-commiting from DePaul, why did he go back on his intitial commitment, and what is your reaction to his ultimate choice?
Screw him. I hope he gets attacked by a gator.
6. Oliver Purnell is now over 400 wins for his career, how many more do you think he will add at DePaul?
Tough question to answer. I think he will work hard and try to get many more, but it will take a ton of effort. He's got six years left after this one, so hopefully he gets a bunch.
7. How did DePaul pull Purnell away from a pretty solid program at Clemson anyway? Is the Big East that much "bigger" than the ACC? Was it money? Fanbase?
Many of you young fans don't realize how huge DePaul basketball was in the early '80s. Games were sold out and WGN broadcasted the games all over the country. So this program has potential to be huge. Plus, the Big East is a draw for anyone. Clemson is a football school, and I think Purnell realized that he did a wonderful job building the basketball program. This is a true challenge, but the results could be limitless.
8. What would it take for you to be satisfied with the way this season ends?
I would like to see us win at least one game over a good team. I would like to see the kids continue to develop. There's hope, and that's better than it's been in a long time.
9. Which YouTube music video is more embarrassing, this DePaul video:
I plead the fifth.