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Stokes will start

Contrary to what we had earlier heard, that Corey Stokes would play tonight, but not start, is now reporting that he will start the game. Tonight will be Senior Night at the Wells Fargo Center (gates will open for Villanova seniors at 5pm) and the senior class will be honored before the game.

Though it is abnormal practice to hold Senior Night at the Wells Fargo Center rather than on-campus, the normal practice of starting all of the seniors will be held.

Jay Wright told reporters, "We're going to definitely put Stokesy out there. We're going to start him and see what he can do. It's senior night, so I'm happy for him."

Though he may start, it is yet to be determined how large a role he will play. If his toe acts up, if he is stepped on or kicked, he may have to return to the bench.