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Dante Cunningham Traded

Dante Cunningham was included in a trade that sent Gerald Wallace to Portland this afternoon. Cunningham, along with teammates Joel Przybilla and Sean Marks, as well as 2011 and 2013 first round picks will go to the Charlotte Bobcats in the deal.

Blazer's Edge had the following parting thoughts on Dante:

I've always been a not-so-closet Cunningham fan. His energy stands out. When he gets rolling he has a swagger that's near-unique on this squad. He doesn't strut but his normal walk speaks volumes. He can be a demon chasing the rebound. His elbow jumper is fantastic. He's a heck of a leaper. And I don't see how anybody can sit still when he's on the court. He shows you up by moving faster, harder, and better than you. He's like a blue collar guy with serious hops and a shot. The issue for Cunningham has always been position. He's too small to play as a true power forward and too slow laterally to defend opposing small forwards. Several times this year he was a square peg in a round hole. But he was a fun peg to watch nevertheless. That energy won't be replaced easily.

Check out Charlotte's remaining schedule here.

(Hat tip to reader Vinny '06)