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Pinkston Arraignment

JayVaughn Pinkston will be arraigned today at the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, according to Pinkston's attorney, James Famiglio (who also represented Reggie Redding), told reporters that the charges against him have been reduced to a single count of simple assault and that the case may be disposed of without requiring a trial.

Pinkston will not be present at the arraignment.

The two alleged victims were each asked to testify about the night of the assault to a judge and outside of the presence of the other. Each victim provided the judge with a notably different account of the details. A fact that could help Pinkston's case, should it go to trial.

We will know by May 4th whether a trial is likely. It is also very possible that Pinkston will accept "accelerated rehabilitative disposition," where a trial would be delayed and ultimately dismissed should the defendant complete a court-assigned program. That option is only available to first-time offenders.

Pinkston is facing a maximum of two years in jail if the case were to go to trial. If he is saved from that fate, he will be able to return to classes, and to the practice courts, this summer.