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After Two Wrongs, Is Jay Still Wright?

The disappointment stings so much more when the expectations were so great. We still scratch our heads trying to comprehend the collapse that will forever be the punchline to the 2010-11 season. After two disappointing seasons, the coach we once called the savior of Villanova basketball suddenly cannot distinguish an "X" from an "O." For those who hold that view, the Philadelphia Inquirer's bright young columnist, John Gonzalez, disagrees with you.

Writes Mr. Gonzalez in his article Bashing Wright Is Wrong, " [A] good year for Temple or St. Joe's or La Salle - the latter still has a basketball program despite evidence to the contrary - is often a disappointment for 'Nova. The expectations, particularly after making the Final Four two years ago, are out of control. That the Cats failed to win a game in the tournament this year was unacceptable to some and a real delight to others. That's fine. Watching the elite stumble and face-plant - and gag a little on their silver spoons - can make for a grand time. Just don't ignore the truth: Despite the last two tournament losses, 'Nova's program has been excellent with Wright around."

Maybe, just maybe we've been spoiled by Jay's winning ways and have unrealistic expectations of post-season success each and every year (there is a baseball team in New York whose fans do the same). Admittedly, the last two seasons have been tough for us. However, take it from a guy who has witnessed the Earth circle the Sun 55 times -- this is nothing compared with the disappointments of the Lappas years. Under Jay Wright, Villanova has been a program consistently ranked among the nations best. While perhaps not the popular sentiment these days, I say stick with the coach who brung ya. What do you think?

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