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Cunningham Arrested in Radnor

Mugshot by Radnor Township Police

(Updated) Former Villanova star and current Charlotte Bobcats forward Dante Cunningham was arrested on Friday while driving recklessly in Radnor Township. After police received reports of a reckless driver in a silver pick-up truck on Lancaster Avenue, they found Cunningham driving through Wayne.

Officers claim that the Villanova grad "had a strong odor of marijuana," when they pulled him over. They they searched the vehicle, uncovering a Tupperware container of marijuana, a silver grinder and a pipe in the center console. They also found more marijuana stored inside an M&M's container and a loaded BB gun.

The items tested positive for Marijuana and Cunningham told police that they belonged to him.

Cunningham was later released on $10,000 bail pending a hearing, and is being charged with a vehicle code violation, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia as well as the violation of a Radnor ordinance prohibiting the possession of pellet guns.

In some states, the commission of any felony while in possession of a gun (even a BB gun) will increase the legal penalty substantially.

(h/t to theNovaBlog for catching this)

UPDATE 5/4: The Charlotte Bobcats have released the following statement regarding this incident:

"We are aware of the unfortunate incident involving Dante Cunningham in Pennsylvania. We are in the process of gathering more information and will have no further comment until the legal process has run its course."