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Reid Wins Big for Nova Track and Field

The following has been re-posted with permission from Fact on Villanova Sports. The following can also be found here and here. Check out their blog for a very irreverent and sometimes-off-color look at Villanova athletics.

Villanova distance runner Sheila Reid continued her impressive season today by winning both the 1,500 and 5,000 meter races at the Big East Championships today at Villanova Stadium.

Reid's Results after the jump

1,500 Results:
1,500 Finals                                                                 
1 Sheila Reid JR VILLANOVA 4:23.98 10
2 Emily Infeld SO GEORGETOWN 4:25.00 8
3 Rebecca Tracy SO NOTRE DAME 4:25.64 6
4 Lauren Borduin JR GEORGETOWN 4:26.90 5
5 Madeline Chambers FR GEORGETOWN 4:27.14 4
6 Keri Bland SR WEST VIRGINIA 4:27.26 3
7 Rachel Schneider SO GEORGETOWN 4:27.58 2
8 Leah Andrianos SR CONNECTICUT 4:29.50 1
9 Emily Lipari FR VILLANOVA 4:29.73
10 Bogdana Mimic SO VILLANOVA 4:29.80
11 Laura Nagel FR PROVIDENCE 4:29.86
12 Kelly Curran FR NOTRE DAME 4:31.57
5,000 Results:
5,000 Finals                                                                 
1 Sheila Reid JR VILLANOVA 16:13.29 10
2 Emily Infeld SO GEORGETOWN 16:14.06 8
3 Alison Smith JR VILLANOVA 16:20.10 6
4 Lauren Penney SO SYRACUSE 16:21.45 5
5 Emily Jones SO GEORGETOWN 16:25.98 4
6 Bogdana Mimic SO VILLANOVA 16:26.97 3
7 Lauren Sara FR CONNECTICUT 16:37.34 2
8 Kaylyn Christopher JR WEST VIRGINIA 16:43.65 1
9 Shauna McNiff SO CONNECTICUT 16:46.44
10 Heather Stephens JR SYRACUSE 16:54.67
11 Katie Hursey JR SYRACUSE 17:05.41
12 Molly Hirt JR NOTRE DAME 17:20.70
13 Kim Grieshaber SR LOUISVILLE 17:22.79
14 Callie Hogan SR VILLANOVA 17:24.53
15 Meg Ryan FR NOTRE DAME 17:26.00
16 Grace Thek FR PROVIDENCE 17:27.35
17 Rachel Velarde JR NOTRE DAME 17:30.15
18 Emily Borsare SR LOUISVILLE 17:42.31
19 Julie Jablonski FR SYRACUSE 18:01.18
20 Chelsea Trant SO ST. JOHN'S 18:18.68

The men didn't fare nearly as well [. . .]

[. . . S]ome Villanova notables for you other than Sheila Reid going beast mode:


  • In the 5,000 meters, Mathew Mildenhall finished in third, and Brian Long came in fourth.
  • Keith Capecci came in second in the 10,000 meters..
  • Villanova's 4x400 meter relay team of Nicoy Hines, Carlton Bowers, Christopher Kearney, and Sam Ellison finished in second to Rutgers.
  • Hines also finished in fifth in the 400m hurdles.
  • Ellison finished fifth in the 400 meter dash.
  • The 4x800 relay of Brian Tetrault, Matt Wikler, Carl MacKenzie, and Matt Gibney finished in third behind Notre Dame and UConn.
  • Gibney finished in a close third in the individual 800.


  • Shericka Ward finished in second to UConn's Trisha-Ann Hawthorn in the 200m dash.
  • Ward also came in second in the 100m hurdles.
  • Amanda Marino finished in fifth in the 10,000 meters.
  • Kristen Mahon finished fifth in the 400m hurdles.
  • Ali Smith finished in fifth in the 3,000 meter steeplechase.
  • The 4x800 relay of Kelly McElroy, Emily Lipari, Ariann Neutts, and Nicky Akande finished in third behind Georgetown and UConn.
  • in the field events, Ashlyn Llerandi came in third in the pole vault and Julia Arduini came in fifth in the Javelin.

In the overall, the women came in third and the men in seventh [off-color comment about Title IX redacted -- Fact is not a fan].


Again, many thanks to Fact on Villanova Sports for allowing us to re-post this information -- mostly verbatim -- from his site.