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Will Sheridan Comes Out to ESPN

Earlier today Dana O'Neil tweeted her newest story- the coming out of Villanova player Will Sheridan.

In a wonderful piece on ESPN, "Gay, and at Peace" O'Neil examines Sheridan's life as a homosexual athlete as well as his relationship with his parents and teammates.

The story of basketball player-turned- musician is the centerpiece of Monday's and ESPN's Outside the Lines show where he noted, "To haters, hi I am winning, you are not".

Reaction to the news (which was not new to some) as been highly positive and encouraging as was his support by his teammates and coaching staff at 'Nova, where his sexuality didn't matter and they didn't care.

Fact on Villanova Sports said it best...

Will Sheridan is the epitome of class, and regardless of whether he's gay or straight, Villanova fans should be proud of Will Sheridan for the fact that he is classy, intelligent, articulate, and is a fantastic representative of the fine university that we are fans of.