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More than a Lone Star from Texas

Villanova currently has one Texan on it's soccer team — Daniel Gonzalez of Allen, Texas — but that may be about to change. Though Texas is viewed by the rest of the country as a football hotbed (and not much else in sports), athletes from the Lone Star State have proven talented in other sports as well, and college coaches are taking notice.

Despite the success of Texas' high school soccer programs, only two universities in the state currently sponsor Division 1 Men's Soccer; Southern Methodist University and Houston Baptist University. No major conference program supports a soccer program, and that is largely because the Big XII doesn't sponsor the sport for men.

Glen Davis Soccer recently reported that Villanova has a plan to take advantage of the dearth of opportunities for Texans talented at "the beautiful game." It seems that the coaching staff at 'Nova is planning to hold soccer camps in Texas this July 6-9, at Schreiner University for high school-aged players.

The camps will allow the Coaching staff an opportunity to get a look at some of the players from that state, and will allow the players to be seen. It is commonplace to invite coaches from other schools to these camps as well, so the value for a Texas prospect could be very high.

If there is soccer talent in Texas, though, why don't the larger Texas state schools sponsor the sport? Some people point to Title IX, but with UT being among the nation's most-profitable athletics departments, it seems questionable to suggest that Title IX compliance would be impossible.

In the mean-time, the fact that Villanova's coaches are expanding their recruiting footprint to an area with more talent than opportunity, cannot possibly be a bad thing for the program.