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Stokes To Work Out for Boston

(Updated) With Corey Fisher's busy work-out schedule noted this week, one might wonder what is happening with the other Corey — Stokes. The Wildcats' second-leading scorer had a very productive senior season and was the only really reliable option from beyond the arc all season.

Since school ended Corey Stokes has been training at IMG Academy in Florida with Coach Vince Walden.

We also know that he is scheduled to work out for the Celtics on June 20th. According to, the Celtics will consider using the 55th pick in the draft on Stokes:

On June 20, Corey Stokes is scheduled to come in for a workout. Stokes is a 6'5" shooting guard out of Villanova. He has a 6' 9" wingspan and an 8' 4.75" standing reach. Stokes averaged 14.9 points per game in his last season at Villanova shooting 44% on 2 pointers and 43% beyond the arc.

Stokes has an amazing shot, the release is soft and the form consistent. Stokes has NBA three point range already and has the ability to maintain his accuracy even when in motion. He isn't a great ball handler but he has good athleticism and is strong and with a little work will be dangerous driving to the basket. Defensively, Stokes is fundamental and could be a good defender in time. He is also a good rebounder at his position.