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Keith Urgo Lured to Penn State

Keith Urgo w/ Corey Fisher (Villanova Univ Press)

Patrick Chambers has plucked a Villanova coach for his staff at Penn State. Keith Urgo who was an Assistant Coach last year for Villanova will be heading to State College for the same role.

Urgo joined the Wildcats in 2007 as the video coordinator, where he served for one season before being moved up to the role of director of basketball operations in 2008.

Leading up to the 2010-11 season, Urgo was upgraded to assistant coach when Chambers left the Main Line to become Head Coach at Boston University.

Recently Urgo was demoted back to the Director of Basketball Operations when Doug West rejoined the Villanova staff.

302p Update- for the doubters, here is Patrick Chambers' tweet of the announcement.