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Antalya signs Corey Fisher

With the NBA lockout showing no signs of a resolution this summer, Corey Fisher won't be waiting to see if he gets an invite to camp. Instead, the recent Villanova graduate will join Antalya BSB of the Turkish league. Details of the contract are not known at this time, but the Turkish Basketball League is among the richest leagues outside the United States.

Antalya plays in the highest division of the Turkish League and finished 8th in the past season. The club is based in the town of Antalya, Turkey (shocker) and plays in the Dilek Sabanci Spor Salonu, which has a capacity of 2,500.

NBA point guard Deron Williams notably signed with a Turkish league team, Besiktas, a few weeks ago on a deal that is contingent on the NBA lockout carrying into the the regular season. He stands to make quite a few dollars from the deep-pocketed club.

So, it seems that if the NBA lockout persists, Corey Fisher will at-least be able to play against ONE NBA star next season.