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Pinkston's Day in Court

JayVaughn Pinkston's next court date is scheduled for Monday, August 1, and his attorney hopes it could be his last. James Famiglio told the Daily News' Mike Kern that his client would apply to the court to have his case disposed through the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program. The Montgomery County district attorney's office has to agree that the ARD program is appropriate in order for Pinkston to take that avenue.

Pinkston will also need the approval of a judge to go ahead with that plan. If the prosecution is willing to sign off on the program, the approval of the court is unlikely to be withheld for the first-time offender.

Under that program, Pinkston would be placed on probation by the court for a period of one year and will have a mandatory community service requirement at that time. Assuming Pinkston completes the program without issue, the charges would be dropped at that point.

Famiglio said that the case could still go to trial if the program is not accepted by the court or if other issues arise. However, based on the circumstances, Pinkston's attorney believes that this compromise could be in the best interests of everyone involved.