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Justus Galac's Summer Recap

According to Andy Talley, Villanova football's strength and conditioning coach Justus Galac is perhaps the most-vital member of the football staff. Galac spends more time with the players than any other coach because, in addition to his in-season duties, he oversees the offseason program. Galac is working with players throughout the calendar year.

His PowerhouseVU channel on YouTube is a wealth of insight into the sort of work Villanova football players put in every summer to get ready for preseason practices and the fall season. With the offseason program ending this week, Galac released a "Summer Recap" highlight reel, to give you an idea how hard the team has worked.


This summer, Galac also worked with the team's NFL hopefuls who were left hanging by the lockout, including Angelo Babbaro, Brant Clouser (whose Giants workout is today), John Dempsey (Rams) and Terrence Thomas.