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Help Randy Help Students

For some students heading back to school, they're wondering what color smart-cover to pick for their iPad2. Sadly across America there are many students who start their first day of school without the basic necessities needed to earn the education they deserve. The thought of having their own backpack or notebook on the first day of school is unlikely.

For the second year, the staff at VUhoops would like to encourage YOU to help the Randy Foye Foundation as they seek to provide as many students as possible with the basic tools needed to supplement education.

This is the RFF's third year running this initiative. In 2009, they collected supplies for 500 students. Last year with the help of donors, the RFF was were able to provide backpacks filled with a notebook, folder, pen and pencil to over 800 students in Newark, NJ. These simple supplies give students pride and aid in our mission to improve the quality of life for kids in Randy's hometown. It is the Foundation's goal this year to provide enough school supplies for 1,000 students (two elementary schools).

Because of a wholesale partnership, the RFF is asking for monetary donations again this year. They are able to receive great quality backpacks at a great cost. For just $6 per student, you can purchase a backpack and help kids get started off on the right foot! Donations will also be used to purchase school supplies that will be distributed in September and throughout the year.

Let's reiterate this... 6 Bucks helps 1 Kid!

Who's going to skip their Venti Soy Vanilla Latte in the morning? Or bring their lunch in to work instead of eating out? Or give up their pitcher of Lager at Happy Hour?

The Back to School Success Program runs through 9/5

Click here to donate online.

The Randy Foye Foundation is a 501(c)(3)