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VUHoops Basketball Hall of Fame

The Villanova Basketball Hall of Fame, as decided by the fans.

Last summer, the VUHoops readers celebrated the great tradition of Villanova basketball by selecting Villanova Basketball’s All-Time Starting Five and Coach. Inspired by the positive reader feedback from that series, we established the VUHoops Basketball Hall of Fame to honor players, coaches, trainers, referees, administrative staff and others who have made noteworthy contributions to the tradition of Villanova basketball. The All-Time Starting Five and Coach represent the inaugural inductees into the Hall of Fame. Over the next two weeks, the VUHoops readers will vote to elect the 2011 inductees.

Our process began with the formation of a VUHoops Basketball Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, comprised of three VUHoops writers (Mike, Brian Ewart and Ed Donohue (a/k/a Ed’77)) and two long-time VUHoops readers (Christopher Dale (a/k/a Barney Rubble) and Bill Stahl (a/k/a Nervous Nelly). The Committee adopted rules for elections that require nominees to have completed their Villanova career at least three years ago (Scottie Reynolds was grandfathered). The Committee then considered all those eligible for induction and nominated ten for selection by vote by the VUHoops readers. Voters may cast their ballots selecting up to two nominees. The two receiving the most votes plus any other nominee receiving votes from at least 25% of the readers will be inducted in 2011.

Tomorrow we will reveal the ten nominees for induction into the VUHoops Basketball Hall of Fame and open the polls for voting.

The Hall of Fame