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Stokes' Legal Woes Soon Resolved?

When it was announced that Corey Stokes was on his way to join a German bundesliga team, BCC Bayreuth, many wondered what happened with the criminal charges he was faced with after a June 30th bar fight in Hoboken. Stokes had been out in the Hudson County city with some friends in the early morning hours, when they became involved in the altercation near One Hudson Place that sent two victims to the hospital with various injuries.

Stokes is represented by Frank P. Arleo, Esq., a double-Villanova alumnus, of the firm Arleo, Donohue & Biancamano, LLC.

According to Arleo, all indications are that Stokes did not get involved in the fight until it escalated into a "melee," that required him to defend himself from becoming a victim himself. The police report makes clear that both victims of the fight were drunk at the time and had incited the fight by making comments to the other parties (that Stokes' camp claims were racial).

It seems unlikely that this legal issue will prevent Stokes from taking the court in Germany, and it will hopefully be resolved soon, according to his attorney. How soon is difficult to say, as New Jersey is not as open with criminal case information as Pennsylvania.