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Providence Throws Up On Villanova: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It's pretty hard to pretend that last night was okay. A 15-point loss to anybody, much less a team that had only won just 1 game in this conference over their last 20 or so games, is not good. Frankly, it's downright awful. There's a lot of be upset about in terms of last night's game, but I think what killed me most was that we showed NONE of the fight that we've been famous for this season.

Where was the team that stormed back against Temple and Maryland? After about 5 minutes of being down by 9-10 points, that lead felt insurmountable the way we played, and it was. Looking at the boxscore doesn't paint a much prettier picture.

Barely over 30% shooting for the game (it felt more like under 20%) including 2-16 and 2-10 efforts from Corey Stokes and Corey Fisher respectively. We almost let Providence score 50 points in the 2nd half. I'm going to throw up.

You know what, though, when I woke up today - I wasn't that worried. It was a tough 3-game road trip, Providence is clearly good and playing well right now, and we were bound for one of these this season. Better now than later.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly after The Jump.


Antonio Pena & Maalik Wayns - At least we now know who comes to play every night. Pena finished with 17 points and 15 rebounds in a legitimately strong game from the senior. He was a bright spot. Wayns had 18 points to lead the team. He seemed to be the only one that figured out that the 3's weren't dropping and that Providence plays matador defense in the lane.

Dominic Cheek - 9 points and 9 boards. He looks healthy. Thankfully.

Lose now - I'd rather lose this kind of a game now than later. I don't think we'll see another head-scratcher like this for the rest of conference play.


The shooting - Just 1 game after lighting up Syracuse, we can't hit water from a boat. The most pitiful display I've ever seen. If you actually watched, we had A TON of in-and-outs (especially from Stokes) so at least we weren't chucking up bricks, but our finishing around the hoop was equally terrible.

Where's the pride? - Was the team okay getting taken out behind the shed by Providence? It sure felt like it. I didn't see one player trying to fire the team up. Even Jay Wright came off as pretty reserved. What the hell?

The Dunk - We are forever cursed there. First St. Mary's and now this. If we ever have to go back there other than to play the Friars, I'm putting in a veto.

Providence - Even though they stomped us, they just aren't that good. That game was such a product of us no-showing than them being hot. I mean, they only shot 37% for the game. Usually when you do that, you lose.


This snowstorm - Why God, why? Hell, our own team can't even get home.

Once again, this conference - What the hell was in the water this week?

See you for Saturday's stomping of the Georgetown Hoyas.