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Note: Corey Stokes Has Been Really Good

Before the year started, many pundits (including myself) thought that as Corey Fisher goes, so go the Villanova Wildcats. And that still may be true as there's a lot of basketball left to play. But it may be the other Corey, Corey Stokes, who is making a case to be the go-to guy.

Stokes is leading the team in scoring this year at 16.9, and he has increased his efficiency in getting those numbers as well by shooting 47.5% from the field (career-high) and 44.2% from beyond the arc (another career-high). He's also only missed 3 of his 47 free throw attempts this season.

Obviously, those are very, very good numbers for a guy who has been billed as a 3-point specialist for most of his career. And we haven't even touched on his defense yet, which as we thought it was going to be, has been spectacular.

...Stokes has only scored in single-digits once this year vs. Marist, so it's clear he's one of 'the guys' on the offensive end...I don't want him having to surpass 20 points a game for us to win, but in the last two games, that is what it has taken really...

...If he can be a 15-20 point-a-game man for 'Nova the rest of the year, we'll be in really good shape...