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The Nova Blog FanShots and FanPosts

I wanted to take a few minutes to raise awareness on the FanShots and FanPosts, which are located on the right sidebar when you come to The Nova Blog's homepage. It's occurred to me that we don't have a lot of community members creating these, which are a great way to get involved in the blog.

As the manager of the site, I can publish any FanPost or FanShot to the frontpage, so long as I think it is good enough. So you know, FanShots should be used for smaller news, links to articles, or videos. FanPosts should be longer in content, offering up opinion and/or statistical analysis.

I encourage the members of our community to get involved in both FanShots and FanPosts. With your help, we can help The Nova Blog grow with more rich content, and the best part is it will be user-generated. And who knows, if I'm impressed enough, I may just offer you a position as an author on the blog (I'm looking at you students!).

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.