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Cats struggling heading into February

Having a record of 17-4, including 5-3 in the potent Big East, would be a positive for most teams and their respective fanbases.  For Villanova, though, the last 5 days have increased the panic level on the Main Line.  A huge win in the Carrier Dome last Saturday suddenly had Nova Nation thinking way too prematurely about the Cats being a potential national title contender. 

It seems as if everyone got way ahead of themselves, because the previous 2 games have not been pretty.  An abysmal shooting performance by the Wildcats in Rhode Island was seen as a minor blip to some, but Austin Freeman's display this past weekend has Villanova pondering what lies ahead.  

One of the lone certainties for the Wildcats as we hit February is that the schedule will not get easy.  Road affairs at Pittsburgh and Notre Dame towards the end of the season represent tough tasks, while home matchups with Marquette, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse in the next 21 days will be a difficult stretch for the skidding Cats.        

Regardless of what happens, Villanova needs to take this thing one game at a time.  No win is as good as it seems, while no loss is as bad it seems.  They are what their record says they are: 17-4 overall, 5-3 in the Big East; not national title contenders yet, but no slouches either. 

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