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Conference Realignment: TCU Accepts Big 12 Offer, Will Join July 1st, 2012

No surprise here, but TCU joining the Big 12 is now official. The formal invitation was given Monday night and the board of trustees at TCU unanimously voted yes to transition to the Big 12 beginning in July 2012. Although the Horned Frogs will not have to give the customary 27 months notice to leave the Big East, they will still have to pay the exit fee of $5 million.

After the official announcement, Big East commissioner John Marinatto commented on TCU's departure, even though they never played a game in the conference.

Although never having competed as a member of the Big East Conference, we are disappointed with the news that TCU is joining the Big 12. As noted earlier today, our presidents met via teleconference this morning to focus on the future and have authorized us to engage in formal expansion discussions with additional institutions. We anticipate taking action in the near future.

Again, not shocking, but it would be nice for the Big East to counter with some sort of move quickly.

Editor's Note: Reports have a UCF offer going out as early as tomorrow, while Temple is believed to be the next target.

As we have discussed seemingly on a daily basis, the Big East has seen moves made, commented on the moves, and then done nothing at all. Also, you can bet that the Big 12 will surely pick up that $5 million exit fee for TCU.

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