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Big East Expansion: John Marinatto Conference Call Highlights

John Marinatto recently completed a scheduled conference call with the media following last night's meeting between the Big East presidents where they increased the exit fee from $5 million to $10 million, contingent on the fact that either Navy or Air Force join.

Below are some highlights from the call, which we were able to listen in on.

Marinatto confirms the increase in exit fee from last night's meeting from $5 to $10 million contingent on Navy or Air Force joining, but adds a caveat that most of us assumed meant that if anyone left today, they'd be paying the $10 million fee.

Translation: If somebody left today, we're not quite sure if they would have to pay $5 or $10 million. And Marinatto might not be either.

Marinatto says he cannot specifically discuss the schools the conference is talking to. Despite the fact that they've raised the exit fee contingent on Air Force and/or Navy joining.

Translation: He doesn't want to jinx anything by saying their names out loud.

Marinatto says there is no time frame for adding anybody to the conference. Ya know, cause this apparently isn't dire yet.

Translation: He still has no clue.

Marinatto says that the league will emerge from this "stronger than ever."

Translation: Somebody check what he's drinking out of that Long John Silver's go-cup.

Marinatto says Notre Dame and their president Father John Jenkins have been instrumental in working side by side with everybody, because they want to stay in the Big East.

Translation: ND doesn't want to have to go through the process of finding a new conference to take their Olympic sports without any leverage.

Marinatto says if the conference gets to 12 football teams, he'd like to have the championship game in New York City.

Translation: He's yelling NYC from the rooftops in the hopes that fans will come to the northeast to watch football in December.

Marinatto says Pittsburgh and Syracuse will not be leaving before the 27 months is up, no matter what - even if it means a 14 team football league.

Translation: He hate those bastards, and he's doing this for spite.

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