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The Wisdom of Crowds Experiment: Maurice Sutton

In this year’s The Wisdom of Crowds series, our assignment is to figure out how Coach Wright will replace 56% of last season’s offense produced by departed players Corey Stokes, Corey Fisher and Antonio Pena. In today’s post we focus on 6’11 220 pound center Maurice Sutton. Use the voting buttons, below, to predict the points per game you think Maurice will score this year and the comment section to explain your thinking. To help you come up with your prediction, we have provided his career stats as a Wildcat, a "third party expert" player assessment, and a 2010-11 highlight video below. (Editor's Note: I had to be a bit creative with the highlight video given the paucity of available highlights clips).

Maurice Sutton’s Offensive Stats:

Season GP MPG PPG FG% 3FG% FT%
2010-11 27 10.6 2.4 53.8 0.0 60.0
2009-10 26 10.3 1.8 41.5 0.0 54.5
2008-09 1 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Career 54 10.2 2.1 47.5 0.0 58.0

Maurice Sutton’s Euro Jam Stats:

Opponent Min Pts FG% 3FG% FT%
Israel 1:56 0 100% 0% 0%
Netherlands 2:47 0 0% 0% 0%
Georgia 8:59 3 0% 0% 50%
Avg 4:34 1.0 33% 0% 43%

Player Assessment by

"Sutton made some positive contributions on defense this past season. However, he continues to be a liability on offense. That is not much of an issue when he is the only "defensive specialist" on the floor but when he teams with other players with limited offensive game the offense becomes very defendable.

Strengths: His height, length, and leaping ability allow him to be a disruptive defender - blocking shots and getting deflections and tips. Sutton can create mismatches when he guards on the perimeter.

Weaknesses: Loses mental focus during games. Not a good positional rebounder. Doesn't have the lower body strength to maintain good post position and keep his man out of scoring position in the paint. Very limited offensively. He can get put-backs and dunks but doesn't handle it, pass it or shoot it well enough to score consistently inside nor make those around him better.

Summer School: Add strength. Work on developing some low post moves. Add maturity.

What next: Sutton may earn some PT as the back-up post man - particularly when Yarou and Kennedy are in foul trouble. He will have to take a large step forward in his development to earn PT ahead of Kennedy and Pinkston. Those two have more upside in the program and should have the inside track to earning more minutes."

Highlight Video

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