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Randy Foye, Villanova University

You're probably thinking you've heard this story before. A kid overcomes all the odds being against him to realize his dreams. But in Randy Foye's case, there is a little more to the story.

Randy grew up in Newark, New Jersey - which if you've never visited, is one of the toughest urban environments in the entire country. Even worse, he lost both of his parents by the tender age of 6. Considering that, you wouldn't have bet on Randy to make it to where he is today.

Throughout his 4 years at Villanova University, he gave us plenty to cheer about on the court, leading our beloved Wildcats back to national prominence and taking home the 2006 Big East Player of the Year Award. For all he has done on the hardwood though, he's done even more off it.

Randy Foye was just 24 years old when he started his namesake foundation after his rookie season in the NBA.
"Starting this foundation was a goal of mine for a long time. It is very personal to me and very important to give back. If even just one child's life changes from what we've done, then I'll know we were successful."
The Randy Foye Foundation (RFF) gives back to Newark, NJ, the community where Foye grew up. Having lost both of his parents before his 6th birthday, Randy draws on his own experiences to provide a brighter future for those that are going through the same trials and tribulations that he faced as a child. Randy is a positive role model for at-risk youth throughout the world because he understands the difficulties that they face and genuinely wants to help.

With programs like Assist 4 Life, Foye provides regular mentoring and character education to students. He takes them to visit his alma mater, for many their first trip to a college campus. Foye has personally shared his story with over 2,500 kids across NJ this fall. For the holidays, RFF has many upcoming initiatives including their annual Coats for Kids collection and Holiday Toy Drive. Now in his 6th NBA season, Randy continues to make a huge impact for underprivileged kids by creating opportunities for them to be successful contributors to society and future world leaders.

RFF has grown steadily each year through the work of Randy and the great people that help run this 501c3 nonprofit organization. Please follow the Randy Foye Foundation on Twitter and like their Facebook page to get the latest updates from the foundation's leadership.

The more I hear about what Randy is doing through his foundation, the prouder I am to be a Villanova Wildcat alongside him. Throw those V's up for Randy!

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