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Morning Cup O' Mud: 'Nova Would Allow Temple In To Save The Big East?

Mike Jensen of The Philadelphia Inquirer put out a new article later on last night - handing out knowledge via a Big East source that Villanova would not block Temple as an all-sports member if it helped save the conference. My, how things have changed. Would that change your opinion Temple fans?

For the last couple of weeks I've been of the opinion that Temple WOULD make a great addition to the Big East as an all-sports member - provided that Villanova is allowed to join the Big East for football as well. If they aren't, why let Temple into big-time hoops and big(ger) time (we hope) football? They're our chief local rivals. What institution in their right mind would allow their rival to blow past them without getting anything in return?

If this comes to fruition and Temple joins for all-sports and Villanova remains an FCS football program - Father Donohue and Vince NiCastro should be removed from their positions immediately. I personally will never donate another dollar to my alma mater, and I'd encourage all alumni to take the same stance. That move would effectively end our hopes of becoming a more national school. It would be a pathetic ending to an already messy saga.

West Virginia to Big 12 threatens Big East football
A highly placed Big East source has informed me several times Villanova wouldn't block Temple for all sports if Temple is a "linchpin" to keeping the league together. Is this now that time? We may find out soon. On the other hand, if the Big East takes another easy right turn and invites, say, East Carolina for all sports to replace West Virginia, then it's obvious once again that nobody in the league has Temple's back, that Villanova's all-sports opposition is far from the only impediment for the Owls.

How conference realignment could reshape college hoops
It isn’t much of a strain to conjure a mental picture of the scene: Duke vs. Butler in the 2010 NCAA championship game, more than 70,000 spectators filling the seats at Lucas Oil Stadium, the basketball hanging in the air for what seemed an eternity after Bulldogs star Gordon Hayward attempted his heavenly heave. It might hurt a bit, though, to imagine a scenario in which such a college basketball showdown would be impossible.

2011-2012 College Basketball Conference Preview: Big East
The Big East may be imploding – thanks in large part to its lack of football prowess – but, in the now, there is no better basketball conference in the country, outside of the professional ranks. This is a league with four legitimate top 10 and Final Four contenders. Moreover, last year’s record 11 NCAA Tournament teams that received much criticism, could very well happen again this year. So, critics can start preparing their arguments now.

Villanova Basketball Blue and White Scrimmage - Photos
Villanova held its annual Blue vs. White basketball scrimmage on Saturday at the Pavilion. The Blue team fielded a starting lineup of Maalik Wayns, James Bell, Maurice Sutton, Markus Kennedy, and Dallas Ouanu. The White team started Mouph Yarou, Achraf Yacoubou, JayVaughn Pinkston, Darrun Hilliard, and Ty Johnson. Dom Cheek did not play as a result of nursing a minor hamstring pull. Here's a photo slideshow from the event.

Villanova 2011 Hoops Mania Blue & White Game Highlights
Highlights from the Blue-White scrimmage that took place at Hoops Mania. These are different than the videos we posted from Saturday's scrimmage.

Geno Auriemma Is Right About Notre Dame | The Philly Post
From afar, Geno Auriemma is not easy to like. The UConn women’s basketball coach can be brusque and arrogant. He isn’t always so friendly to the press. And it doesn’t help that his teams win a lot, so we see plenty of Auriemma, perhaps too much. This week, at Big East media day Auriemma, who spent most of his formative years in Norristown, said something that really angered folks. This time, though, instead of being controversial and overbearing, he was absolutely right

Villanova School of Business Executive MBA Program Ranked Among Top 20 U.S.-Based Programs by Financial Times
For the sixth consecutive year, the Villanova School of Business (VSB) Executive MBA program is ranked by Financial Times as one of the top 100 programs in the world. In the ranking released today, VSB's Executive MBA program placed #16 among U.S.- based programs and #51 worldwide. VSB also ranked among the Top 5 U.S.-Based programs in the area of "Aims Achieved" – a category that measures whether alumni achieved their goals – and #18 worldwide.

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