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Big East Presidents Meet, Expansion Approved, Possible Bylaw Changes

The Big East presidents met on Sunday afternoon on the Georgetown campus, and according to most reports it was a positive meeting for the future of the league. Commissioner John Marinatto released the following statement following the multi-hour meeting.

"The presidents voted unanimously to authorize the commissioner to aggressively pursue discussions with a select number of institutions that have indicated a strong interest in joining the Big East Conference. The presidents are also actively considering changes to the conference's governing bylaws to further solidify the membership."

What we take this to mean is that Navy & Air Force have become a high priority as football-only members. Also, the possible changes to the bylaws have everything to do with increasing the $5 million buyout fee that will help keep other schools from jumping ship just like Syracuse and Pitt did. That's a must if this conference is going to survive because almost everybody still has wandering eyes.

Villanova is also still alive as an option, and if the Big East is to survive and rebuild, Villanova has to continue to attempt to be a part of the football solution. But according to sources, "a number of schools were discussed, including Navy, Army, Air Force, Temple, Central Florida and a new name in SMU."

Mike Jensen also twat that "adding Temple, allowing Villanova to move up in football, remain viable Big East options after presidents' meeting."

So, things stay the same. For now.

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