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The Nova Blog Football Pick 'Em 2011 - Week 5 Results

Gameday Depot
FTC disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Gameday Depot and SB Nation.

Congratulations to Nakattak for winning this week's The Nova Blog Football Pick 'Em 2011 and the $10 gift certificate from Gameday Depot. It wasn't a pretty week for our pool with Nakattak being the only participant to top 30 total points on the week, but hey, a win's a win.

Be on the lookout for a confirmation email with instructions on how to claim your prize.

There's another $10 gift certificate up for grabs this week and a $50 gift certificate for the entire season, so keep playing. Also, those of you who won weeks 1-4 are now re-eligible this month to win weekly prizes again!

The season-long top ten are below The Jump (Scoot and Steve are running away with it). You can view the full standings at Fun Office Pools.


Team W/L Points
31-19 168
31-19 167
Big Picks
26-24 152
Lauderdale Legend
25-25 146
Colin's Picks
25-25 145
26-24 136
Esteban D' Amur
25-25 118
Chris Lane's Picks
23-27 131
Nakattak 24-26 129