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Missouri To Explore Their Options, Big East In Trouble Again?

The Missouri Board of Curators met last night to discuss the future of the University and their affiliation with the Big 12 conference as the conference realignment craziness continues. Updates were coming in fast and furious from Twitter, but the general consensus is that Missouri seems to be leaning to the SEC without really saying that.

The BOC gave full control of their future to Chancellor Brady Deaton to take the action necessary to explore conference affiliation. From all the reporters in the room, the situation felt like Missouri had rescinded their committment to the Big 12 with an eye towards the SEC.

Interestingly (but, what else could he say?), Big 12 Commissioner Chuck Neinas says that "Missouri is member in good standing in Big 12 & I anticipate the University will continue to be member of Big 12."

So what does this have to do with Villanova and Big East expansion? Well, remember those rumors last week that 4 Big East schools might jump ship to the Big 12 if they come a calling? Well, the Big 12 could be in the market for a few teams when if Mizzou bounces, and the Big East has some attractive programs. Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati and TCU leaving would surely be the killer blow to a once proud basketball conference.

On the other hand, the Big East would be so desperate for football programs, that they would almost have to extend an invitation to Villanova (although likely along with extending an offer to Temple as well).

And we continue to slop through this mess with bright eyes and hopeful souls....

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