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Big East Expansion: Big East Presidents Meeting Today

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UPDATE (11:40 a.m. ET) Brendan Prunty tweets that the meeting is primarily concerned with raising exit fees, not expansion. Cause you know, the schools that have a potential out definitely want to stay. Sheesh.

Original Post:

Finally, there seems to be some sense of urgency from the Big East conference, as Pete Thamel of The New York Times is reporting that the Big East presidents will be holding a conference call this morning to discuss expansion.

The league’s presidents will be holding a conference call on Friday morning to discuss expansion possibilities. While nothing is guaranteed, three people with knowledge of the call have indicated that invitations to new members will be discussed and could be decided on the call.

We know that Navy is fence-sitting right now while they wait and see if the Big East will actually exist in the new couple of weeks. Central Florida, East Carolina and Temple all badly want into the conference, while Villanova remains another option as well - though there is still no official indication from their administration that they are gung-ho about the move (which is terribly disappointing).

Most interesting though, is that the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that UCF and East Carolina could receive invitations as early as today.

Stay tuned folks.

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