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2011 Villanova Basketball Preview: Toughest Game On The Schedule

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As we continue our week-long chat leading up to Friday's opener vs. Monmouth, we tackle the question of what game on this year's schedule will be the toughest for the Villanova Wildcats. Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

Pops Holman

Playing UConn two days after playing Notre Dame is no easy task, but at least we'll be at home for that matchup. To me the roughest date on the schedule is the February 5th game at Pittsburgh. Although Villanova will be coming off a week-long break before the game, the Pedersen Events Center is always one of the most formidable atmospheres in the conference.

Andrew Trask

The dates at Louisville and at Pittsburgh are oth really tough matchups. I can't remember the last time we truly played well at the Pedersen Events Center and Louisville (my sleeper to win the conference this year) has a great fanbase, making the YUM! Center a big challenge.

Chris Lane

I'm with everybody else - if I wasn't such a die-hard fan I'd chalk an 'L' up on the schedule right now for that date at Pittsburgh. Their tempo of play usually gives us fits and the Oakland Zoo is the best student section in the conference in my opinion. I don't see our very young team handling that atmosphere very well.

What game do you believe will be the toughest for 'Nova this year?