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Final: Villanova Craps The Bed Against Santa Clara, Loses 65-64

It started out as a familiar setting - the Santa Clara Broncos were burying 3's left and right in the first half and Villanova's offense was ice cold. To make matters worse, Maalik Wayns sat out most of the first half in foul trouble. At one point, 'Nova had 4 freshman on the floor with Mouphtaou Yarou.

Eventually though, through strong contributions from Mouphtaou Yarou and solid play from freshmen JayVaughn Pinkston and Markus Kennedy, 'Nova was able to re-establish some sort of offensive flow.

Villanova was able to weather the Raymond Cowels show that was put on in the first half and used a late 1st half run and some timely free-throw shooting (13-14) to take a 1 point lead into halftime.

But wait, it gets much, much worse.

After the break, things started out much more brightly for Villanova and they spent the vast amount of the half in front with a little breathing room. Yarou continued his domination while getting some great outside shooting from Wayns, James Bell and Darrun Hilliard to compliment it.

Up by 7 with 1:23 remaining, the wheels began to come off and it was very apparent how inexperienced this Villanova team is. Unfortunately, it was the elders making the biggest mistakes. Some poor shot selection and a couple of offensive fouls from Maalik Wayns and a slip up from Dominic Cheek under no pressure gifted Santa Clara a way back into the game.

With 10.2 seconds remaining and down by just 3, Santa Clara drew up a play for star player Evan Roquemore and Darrun Hilliard fouled him 7.5 seconds left. Jay Wright lost his mind as he thought it was just the 6th foul. Roquemore sunk both of his shots.

Hilliard couldn't get the ball in and had to go to Pinkston who was fouled with 6.4 seconds remaining. Pinkston missed the front end of the 1 and 1 and Pinkston fouled Roquemore on the rebound with 4.3 seconds remaining. Roquemore drained both and then Villanova couldn't inbound the ball ---

--- Side note: WHERE IS THE PLAY THAT GOT US TO THE FINAL 4?!!!!!! ---

Hilliard eventually tossed it to Bell who tried to get it to Wayns who threw a soccer-style thrown in over the backboard from mid-court at the buzzer.

I have no other thoughts on this loss right now other than Jay Wright, his staff, and the players should be disgusted with themselves. Up by 7 with 1:23 left and they don't score ANOTHER POINT. I want to throw up.