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2011 Villanova Basketball Preview: Big East Predictions For 'Nova

Over the next several days until our first official game against Monmouth, a couple of the writers here are going to be talking about a few general topics heading into the season. Yes, we have an exhibition game tonight. There will be an open thread for people who are at the game and can report back (USE THE SB NATION iPHONE APP PEOPLE!), but no preview. The game is not on TV. Sad face.

Next up, we talk about how we think Villanova will fare in the Big East conference this season when expectations are lower than usual.

Pops Holman

9-9 and a 9th place finish is my prediction for the Cats in the Big East in 2011-2012. They will most likely have problems on the road this year due to their lack of experience; road games at WVU, Marquette, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Georgetown are no easy tasks for a young squad.

Andrew Trask

I've got us down for 10-8 and a 7th place finish. I think we struggle early, maybe losing our first two games in league, which are both on the road. I see us winning some better games down the stretch and doing the opposite of what we have seen in past years with the overrated disappointments. See us finishing above the bottom feeders but behind Syracuse, Louisville, Pitt, UConn, and Marquette.

Chris Lane

As always, our soft OOC schedule isn't going to provide but 1 or 2 real tests for the meatgrinder that awaits from January to March. I don't see this team losing many games it shouldn't, but it's hard to imagine them going on the road at all and winning the big game right now. Just too many unknowns. I'm forever the optimist though, so I think a 10-8 finish will get us a 7th-8th place finish which will allow us to cause a little damage in the Big East tournament in the hopes of locking up an NCAA berth.

How do you expect 'Nova to do this year in the Big East conference?