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2011 Villanova Basketball Preview: Villanova's NCAA Tournament Hopes

Just a few days away now from the kickoff to the actual season! If you missed it last night, we actually played an exhibition game, and ran NYIT out of The Well despite an awful shooting performance from the team. Continuing our preview today, TNB writers talk about the Villanova's record this season and their hopes of making it 8 straight NCAA Tournament appearances.

Pops Holman

I'm prediciting an 18-12 record in the regular season with the potential to win 1 in the Big East Tournament come March. Unfortunately, I see the streak of 7 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances coming to an end for Villanova, as this team feels a year away from getting to where they are supposed to be.

Andrew Trask

I think our final record will be around 21-9 heading into the NCAA Tournament. I see us losing to a dud early this year who we should've clobbered, just because there are so many new parts. I look for us to win the tourney in Anaheim and play well against Mizzou at the Jimmy V. Temple should be good but I think we'll get past them as well.

Chris Lane

I'm somewhere in the middle of Pops and Trask. I have confidence that we'll be able to sneak off the bubble and into the tournament at the end of the year after winning 1-2 games in New York at the BET. I think we're looking at a 20-10 season but will pick up some good RPI wins, and enhanced by the Big East's reputation, will be dancing as a 10-seed.

What are your predictions for Villanova's record this season and their NCAA Tournament prospects?