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Morning Cup O' Mud: Weeeeeeeee'rrreeeeee Baaaaaaaaaaccckkk

Annnnnnnnd we're back to our regularly scheduled programming. After a brief hiatus we're going to be bringing back the morning cup o' mud full time on weekdays. We're reformatting a little (H/T: Cartilage Free Captain) as we'll be looking at both Villanova news and other happenings around at our brethren blogs on SB Nation.

Plus, there will be more anger and poking fun at opponents. Always good.

And now, on to the news.

It may very well be a tough year for Villanova Wildcats basketball |
Oh really, crappy Syracuse paper? Saint Louis was "widely considered" a lesser opponent? Take a hike. Oh wait, you linked back to our site? Thanks....friends?

Men's Lacrosse Announces 2012 Schedule | Villanova University Official Athletic Site
Our biggest up and coming program returns this spring, and also will face a very tough schedule. Really excited about the direction this program is going in. I'm not pitching a tent like jhulax22, but trust me, I'm excited for the lax bro's.

QB Michael Strauss to transfer from Virginia | The Washington Post
I can tell you a few things about Michael Strauss. He's looking at Villanova as a possible transfer option. He was rated 3-stars by Rivals coming out of high school. And he will most likely not be transferring to Villanova, because football players rarely transfer to us. Nice to be mentioned though.

Wildcats Win Overtime Thriller | Villanova University Official Athletic Site
Am I dreaming or is the women's basketball program all of a sudden not terrible?

More from around SB Nation after The Jump.

State Of The Hoyas: This Will Be Fun To Watch | Casual Hoya
The guys from Georgetown are letting their team get their hopes up! Should be a fun watch later in the year when Nate Lubick is jacking up 3-pointers for the hell of it.

Alex Oriakhi's dad challenged us to fight on Facebook | The UConn Blog
No, seriously. This is not a joke at all.

Bernie Fine Allegations: Fine's Office Searched, Accusers Clarify & Post-Standard Comes Clean | Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Sean has been on top of this entire Bernie Fine mess. No jokes here, I just hope this dark period in college coaching ends quickly and nothing more comes about.

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