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Morning Cup O' Mud: Shot Selection Is The Issue

Happy Friday 'Nova Nation! Who's pumped for the weekend? We've got a game on Saturday night against Penn which will hopefully provide a much needed win. We'll have our preview up this afternoon. Until then, kick back and enjoy the lead-in to the weekend.

And now, on to the news.

Diagnosing Dysfunction: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Villanova | Run The Floor
I agree that Villanova's main problem is shot selection. We've been over it 10000000 times in the past couple of weeks. We continue to jack up jumpers instead of taking it to the tin. This article breaks it down nicely.

Southeast Pennsylvania is a basketball hotbed | MaxPreps News
A very nice rundown of all the Philly-area teams and prospects, many of which we're involved with. Also, Savon Goodman continues to say he's still considering Villanova. (Dismissive wanking motion).

News from around the conference after The Jump.

Khem Birch Heating Up | Cardiac Hill
It might have been a little too soon to write off the freshman. He's still a trainwreck on the offensive end, but Calhoun can't be happy he let a block-machine like this get away. Crap, he has Andre Drummond. Nevermind.

Seton Hall's Pirate Blue Event in NYC: Quotes from Pat Lyons and Kevin Willard | South Orange Juice
We can neither confirm nor deny the rumors that ladies were asked to place their purses under lock and key upon arrival. Oh wait, Gonzo doesn't coach there anymore. Don't care, I'll continue to make that joke forever and ever.

Protect Your Unit Game - Week 13 Results | Voodoo Five
Who's the best at fake gambling? You're lookin' at em. And no, I will not let that UConn bastard come back and beat me. I'm bringing home the title for you 'Nova Nation.

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