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Morning Cup O' Mud: Scottie Reynolds Still Pushing For The NBA

I've always admired Scottie Reynolds for his work ethic. Though I find it hard to disagree with the assessment that he isn't what an NBA team typically looks for in a shooting guard, the success of J.J. Barea, among others, and Reynolds' ability to just flat out win, lead to to believe that if given a shot he could help a team. Hell, I'll even go as far to say that the New York Knicks should sign him. They don't believe in defense either.

And now, the news.

Herndon’s Scottie Reynolds still has NBA dreams | The Washington Post
There's video of Reynolds' burying Pitt in the Elite 8, which means I'm obligated to post this article.

Villanova’s no-sign policy is no good for Big 5 | The Daily Pennsylvanian
I completely agree with all of this. Rollouts should be allowed. You know what else should be? Throwing streamers on the court. That's been banned too. It's why the Big 5 is losing its magic.

What Big East Expansion Means for Temple and 'Nova | The 700 Level
Pretty good recap of what the proposed Big East expansion would do to Villanova and Temple.

What's happening around SB Nation after The Jump.

Five Takeaways: Missouri vs. Villanova | Searching for Billy Edelin
"Maalik Wayns will make you shake your head" is exactly what I thought after last night's game.

Your Post-Game Jubilation Thread: Marquette 79, Washington 77 | Anonymous Eagle