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Morning Cup O' Mud: Why The Sudden Hate?

I touched on it a little yesterday, but I just don't understand why the Missouri loss is the condemnation of Villanova. I half expected it to be after the back-to-back losses to Saint Louis and Santa Clara, but not this. Were we supposed to beat a Top-10 team after those losses? Hell no. And we competed pretty well with them and showed a lot of heart. That used to count for something and be a large factor in judging a team.

And now, on to the news.

This is not a typical Villanova team right now | Ballin' is a Habit
Dauster backed us before the season, and he's not given up on us yet, but this is a pretty damning article of our play (he makes some fair points). Still though, Mizzou are really good. I don't think we're getting enough credit for the fight we put up in that game.

Back injury ends Arcidiacono's season before it starts |
Can Villanova catch a break with incoming freshman? This has become a frustrating, and predictable trend.

Villanova University on BIG EAST Expansion | Villanova University Official Athletic Site
Villanova University's official statement on the conference's expansion west. It's exactly like you picture it: cookie cutter. And we probably won't hear anything from Donohue or Nicastro either.

Big East Basketball: Syracuse, Louisville, Marquette Are League's National Title Contenders | SB Nation New York
Jared runs down all 16 teams and categorizes every team based on their play so far this season. His category for Villanova is dead-on.

Missouri And Marquette Play Above Their Rankings At The Jimmy V. Classic |
Oh really?! Yep, Villanova are awful this year. Just freaking awful losing to that possibly Top 5 team by 10. The horror.