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postGame: Pittsburgh 57 Villanova 54 "The Suckfest"

Dream here. A perfect nightcap to another depressing day in the life of yours truly.

Pittsburgh overcame a 4 point halftime deficit and 6 first half turnovers to snap the 46-game winning streak at The Ski Lodge tonight with a 3 point win over the Wildcats. Brad Wanamaker led all scorers with 21 points on 8-15 from the field and 5-6 from the charity stripe.

I'll just skip right ahead to the 2nd half as the first 20 minutes of this game just isn't even worth an attempt of a recap. I say screw it. Onto the second half we go fans, and it wasn't pretty.....after the JUMP

After a day to remember for the Villanova Community as a whole, tonight's game was a complete suckfest. Saying that there was a "lack of rhythm" just isn't going to cut it. This game wasn't just flat out ugly, it was Mozgov ugly. You don't believe me? Think _TheDream is overreacting a bit? Perhaps. But reserve judgment until you've digested the following:


  • Villanova scored 9 points in the first 10 minutes of the 2nd half. 9.
  • Villanova held Pitt to 1-10 from 3pt range, and 66% from the FT line - and still lost.
  • I hate to pick on the freshman, as he was thrown into the game due to Corey Fisher's foul trouble, but James Bell fouled out in 18 minutes of play.
  • Oh Zeke. /facepalm
  • Pittsburgh put the game on a silver platter late, as Villanova was given 4 turnovers by Pitt in the final 4:30 of the game (3 being gifts from Gilbert Brown, I'm convinced Raft would have questioned if Gilbert had money on the over if he was on the telecast), cutting Pitt's lead to a manageable 4 points with 3:10 left....

Alas, the comeback was not in the cards... as the trainwreck came full circle with missed free throws, stupid fouls and awful shot selection.

And to put a bow on the suckfest, fans watching on ESPN were subjected to hearing - on 4 separate occasions IN THE SECOND HALF nonetheless - the brutal truth from McDonough Shulman, Bilas and even a jab from Erin Andrews: The arena is so quiet. Bilas went so far as to openly question if he and the rest of the ESPN crew were actually in the same building as they were for College Gameday.

Real fans don't sit on their hands when their alma mater cuts the opponents lead to 4 with 3 minutes and 10 seconds left in the game. I'm sick of this crap. The student body shouldn't have to scream and yell at you to GET ON YOUR FEET because they are all receiving texts and tweets from those watching at home telling them that the commentators are openly questioning our passion as a fan base.

This was our time to shine on the national stage, and in typical fashion our CHEAP - yes you read that correctly - alumni treated the final 4 minutes of the biggest regular season game in the school's history as "another Saturday night." It was a disgrace, plain and simple. If you want to sit there and act like you're at a Broadway show, keep your $500 minimum donation and buy a subscription to the Philadelphia Orchestra. We all know that $500 is most likely all you're going to donate anyway to the school.

I really don't know why I'm surprised in any of this. Its been the same way for years at The Pavilion.... I guess I'm just depressed that after a phenomenal day for the University in terms of marketing and national recognition, this is how the day ends.... with the stingy wine and cheese crowd and ultimately the lack of endowment exposed for the nation to see. /end rant

Have at it in the comments. I'd love to hear the pain from the true fanatics of Nova Nation.