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A 'Nova Girls Reaction To Villanova's Close Win Over Seton Hall


Before we get down to business, I need to clear up something from my last post. I have received a great deal of criticism in regards to my statement that "I don’t know anything about sports." Most of this criticism, I admit, came from my father, a 1982 Villanova alum, who sent me an e-mail which said "What do you mean you do NOT know sports? You have a working knowledge." I can see how my statement would offend him; it means that his valiant attempts to turn me into a sport-loving tomboy were futile.  So as a result…I am retracting my prior statement, and altering it to, "I have a working knowledge of sports."

For all you guys out there who are thinking to yourselves, "Oh great, now she’s going to pretend to know what she’s talking about," you are wrong. I will not be one of those girls who acts like she is well versed in sports. Honestly, I think those girls suck. Sure, every now and then you meet a rare breed of female who really does know her shit (helloooo Erin Andrews), but as a rule of thumb, most girls are frauds and really just call up their dads and brothers to find out what they need to know so they can impress a boy. Sorry to disappoint those who thought otherwise.

Now that we’re all clear, let’s talk about basketball. With the Wildcats coming off of two losses, including a loss to No. 4 Pittsburgh on Saturday, I can’t help but think that the losses were really a blessing in disguise. Sure they are disappointing, they hurt our record, and our ranking, but I’ll tell you what, Maalik Wayns now knows what sinking that buzzer three feels like, and I’d be willing to bet that next time he’ll make it happen. Let’s be honest, anyone who takes a look back in Villanova history will tell you that the team has notoriously bad February’s but they sure do come out to play for March Madness. Let’s let them work out the kinks now before it’s too late.

In regards to the Seton Hall game, I am going to start with a complaint. I understand that Seton Hall is amateur hour, but I don’t understand why my television has to be as well. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a TV station that isn’t in HD anymore, but apparently there is, and it’s called SNY. I just don’t know how to appreciate Villanova Basketball when I can’t see a crisp, clean, high definition picture of beads of sweat, Jay Wright’s face and player’s tattoos. I guess this is what it was like to watch TV in the olden days. Maybe next game I’ll even have to get up to change the channel after the game is over. I mean come on.

The first four minutes of the game felt like they were in slow motion, and the feeling didn’t improve much through the rest of the first and second half. Villanova’s offense is struggling so much without Stokes. Corey Fisher has had to handle things by himself, which let’s be honest, he’s still not used to doing (which is surprising considering he’s been on his own for a while).  Fisher and Stokes have been like two peas in an incredibly athletic pod since freshman year, and Stokes’ toe injury is certainly having an impact on the 'Cats offense, and their game as a whole.

I know this is a Big East thing, but for the love of God enough with the jump balls! These guys spent more time rolling around on the floor after loose balls tonight than they did making shots.  I’m starting to think they just like touching each other.

I can’t seem to understand why we had such a difficult time getting Jeremy Hazell under control. The guy is a machine. I don’t know anything about anything, but I know that if you leave that guy open, he’s going to drain three’s all night.

Villanova’s two biggest problems tonight were consistently turning over the ball (at least they’re consistent with something) and their inability to SCORE! This was a problem in the Pitt game as well, and the reason why the Seton Hall game was so close.  

All I can say is, thank God for freshman James Bell who scored 21 points tonight. He’s stepped up, he’s confident, he’s filling Corey Stokes shoes and team would be in deep without him. He is playing with poise and experience, which I think he gained in a trade with Antonio Pena who fouled with a minute to go and a four-point lead, and Fisher who was the mayor of turnover city. Who's the freshman again?

Villanova got lucky tonight. They should’ve blown Seton Hall out the water. They are a far superior team, however until they solve the offensive problem and turnover problem, they are going to continue to rack up losses and embarrassingly close games with unranked, weak teams. On a separate note, I commend Jay for his pink shirt and tie combo. He’s definitely feeling the Valentine’s Day love…I just hope our team leader doesn’t go too soft.