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Recruiting: Savon Goodman Highlights

Savon Goodman is a Class of 2012 recruit who is currently verbally committed to Jay Wright and the Villanova Wildcats. (video of the announcement) Goodman committed to Villanova back at the end of November in 2010, and joins Ryan Arcidiacono as the other member of Villanova's 2012 recruiting class.

Above is the latest highlight mix of Goodman. You can see how athletic he is in these clips, although some scouts have said he definitely needs to refine the fundamentals of his game. Regardless, athletes like this have not been seen lately at Villanova.

Goodman definitely has had the right attitude in all of the interviews I've read as well. He knows what he needs to work on to be successful at the next level, and I'm confident that when he shows up at Villanova in 2 years, he'll be ready to go.