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Erin Andrews Is Beautiful, I'm Jealous Of The Villanova Students At College GameDay


(Photo Credit: Erin Andrews)

I think we all wish we were back in college living those glorious nights of drunken debauchery. More importantly though, this photo of the exquisite Erin Andrews putting on a naughty face (by the way, she posted this to Facebook herself. I love it.) makes me wish that I was fortunate enough to experience ESPN's College GameDay while I was a student.

Villanova students, I hope you realize how good you have it.

More Erin Andrews hotness after The Jump.

The guy at Kinko's definitely gave this student a high-five.


(Photo Credit: Peter Armstrong)



(Photo Credit: Erin Andrews)

The world was deprived of the future best-looking-person-ever.


(Photo Credit: Erin Andrews)

Best moment of that kid's life. Actually, it's a girl baby. But still.


(Photo Credit: Peter Armstrong)

Gee, I wonder why they are all smiling?


(Photo Credit: Erin Andrews)

More photos from College GameDay coming tomorrow, where we'll look into the best signs from the student section.