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The Best Villanova Student Signs From ESPN's College GameDay


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

Watching ESPN's College GameDay at 'Nova was pretty surreal. You could tell the atmosphere was amazing inside The Pavilion, and hearing Hubert Davis, Jay Bilas, Rece Davis, and Digger Phelps rave about the crowd, even calling it "the best they've ever seen" made me proud.

While all that is great, a big measuring stick for me is how creative the students can get with their signs. Millions of people are watching that program, and from being on message boards in the past and watching the football version of College GameDay as well, I know that other people are looking for that as well.

Well, 'Nova students, you didn't disappoint. At all. I was laughing constantly at your creativity and your wit. And of course your cheap shots too.

Vote in the poll for your favorite student sign from GameDay, and if anyone has any other pictures of signs, please post them in the comments below! Students, if you see your sign, step forward and let us heap praise upon you.

Photo Gallery is after The Jump.

Somebody belongs to VUSports. Bonus points for incorporating Bilal Benn.


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

Bonus points from me for the low-blow aimed at Pitt.


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

Sure, why not?


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

Another shot below the belt, and one that I requested! People do read this blog!


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

The Villagnome's prayers are answered by the students.


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

A few options here, but my favorite: Be my Valentine, Dick Vitale!


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

The most creative sign I saw. Laughed for a good 2-3 minutes at this one.


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

Simple, yet speaking the truth.


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

The former tag-line of The Nova Blog!


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

Giant Father Peter head? Well played. Now move up in football!


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

One more time for JC Lamb. Well played sir.


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

"I'm Jay Wright, and I'm awesome."


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

The lowest of the low-blows.


(Credit: Peter Armstrong)

Students, claim the above signs if they are yours. Alums and Students alike, post more pictures in the comments if you have them!