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Corey Stokes Will Play Against Syracuse

The Villanova Wildcats got some encouraging news on Sunday as it has been announced that Corey Stokes will play against the Syracuse Orange after missing the previous 3 games with a turf toe injury, reports Terry Toohey. The senior confirmed he's feeling much better.

"It feels good," Stokes said at practice Sunday. "I'll be able to go."'

Although Jay Wright confirmed Stokes will have a part to play, he will not be returning the starting lineup just yet, and the amount of action he sees will depend on how he responds to the injury, and how well he is performing.

"We can’t prepare to go in with him as a starter, then have something happen in warmups where he can’t go," Wright said. "It’s not just running or jumping off it. You have to worry about him getting stepped on or kicked. So he won’t start, but then we’ll bring him in, give him a shot and see how he responds."

Wright also had heaps of praise for Stokes' mere presence on the court, calling him the defensive quarterback while highlighting his ability to help Villanova's offense just by being on the floor.

...This is obviously huge will be interesting to see how we handle Kris Joseph, as a limited Stokes might not be able to stay with him...regardless, his presence on the offensive end is huge and if he can knock down a few deep balls it will really open up things inside...

...Finger point to reader Frank Diana for the link...